The Bodtker Group of Companies partners with Universal Drum Reconditioning/Alltank in Toronto, Ontario

CALGARY, Alberta (30 June 2014) —The Bodtker Group of Companies (Bodtker Group), Canada’s most complete source of industrial containers and packaging supplies headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is very excited to announce a business partnership with Universal Drum Reconditioning Limited (UDR) and Alltank. UDR/Alltank are reconditioners of steel/plastic drums and IBC's with two facilities in the greater Toronto area and have been in business for more than 40 years. In addition to supplying reconditioned drums and IBC's, UDR/Alltank distributes a variety of new industrial packaging. UDR/Alltank’s scale, financial strength, operational excellence, and complementary products will further strengthen the Bodtker Group’s position in the industrial packaging industry in Canada.

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