Rewarding Our Employee Excellence

By providing long service, attendance and recognition awards to those who stand out from the crowd!

At the Bodtker Group, we are proud of our employees and their accomplishments.  Recognizing them with a series of service, attendance and recognition awards.

The Bodtker Group is a successful company because of our employees. It would not be the company it is without their dedication and support and it is important to recognize this.

Long Service Awards

At the Bodtker Group, we are fortunate to have many employees with a significant number of years of service with the company and we feel that it is important to recognize this loyalty. The Long Service Award Program was rolled out in January 2009 and celebrates every employee who reaches a milestone of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or even 40 years of continuous service with all Bodtker Group subsidiaries.

The employee is offered the opportunity to choose an appropriate long service award gift from the company’s catalogue or to donate their award money to a charity of their choice.

Recognition Awards

The Recognition Initiative was rolled out in September 2008 and is the company’s way of ensuring that those who go above and beyond are credited for it.  We want people to know that when they go the extra distance, someone else is waiting at the finish line with a pat on the back.

The “Recognition Initiative” describes our goals in recognition – to take the initiative to give credit where credit is due rather than just following a “program”. Giving recognition is part of a living, breathing set of shared values for action. Recognition for a job well done rewards our Core Values and, therefore, will remain at the heart of our corporate culture. Providing “Great Service” means that all Bodtker Group employees are challenged and empowered not only to do their jobs but to go above and beyond.

Attendance Awards

As with all other businesses, the Bodtker Group has faced the challenges of absenteeism and felt that it would be appropriate to recognize and reward those employees who attend work every day. It doesn't go unnoticed and the company wants to let those employees know.

In order to do this, the Bodtker Group introduced an Attendance Award Program. The Program is run at two levels; on a quarterly basis and an annual basis. Employees who attend work every day for each quarter, [e.g. January 1 to March 31], will receive an attendance award at the end of that period. Employees who attend work every day for the whole fiscal year (October 1 to September 30) will receive an additional separate attendance award at the end of the fiscal year!