Sylvia Bodtker Memorial Scholarship

Providing the means for our employees' children to excel in post secondary schooling


Sylvia Bodtker Memorial Scholarship

We realize that working at The Bodtker Group is only part of the lives our employees lead, and in the same way that we promote continuous improvement and learning for our employees, we also want to encourage continuous improvement and learning for their children.

The Sylvia Bodtker Memorial Scholarship was rolled out to all employees in February 2008 in memory of Sylvia Bodtker, Nils Bodtker’s wife.  Four new scholarships are offered each year to children of employees who are financially dependent and are going from high school into a post-secondary institution or moving from one year to the next in a post-secondary institution.

Academic Scholarships

The first scholarship is based on academics and community involvement while the second scholarship is based on academics, community involvement and financial need. Each scholarship is renewable so if a scholarship winner maintains their GPA during the scholarship year, they will once again receive the scholarship for the following year, without precluding the new scholarships.