Employee Training & Development

Dedicated to the ongoing and continous improvement and increased knowledge of our employees

Ongoing training and development is integral at the Bodtker Group. In fact, “Continuous Improvement and Learning” is one of the company’s Core Values.

Recognizing the need for employees within the company to grow in order to sustain the growth of the Bodtker Group, all employees are provided with opportunities for continued growth and development.

Employees who are properly trained to perform responsibilities of increasing scope will fuel the growth of the company. Learning better ways to do things will involve a cooperative group effort  Pulling together as a team will provide the work environment for individual development. Employees who continue to seek opportunities for personal and professional development are of increasingly greater value to the company.

The company encourages their employees to grow and learn both within their own roles as well as with a view to taking on more responsibility and advanced roles in the future. Employees are encouraged to pursue the training that they need. Employees are also encouraged to take opportunities through personal initiative.