What's In A Name?

Bodtker:  The perfect name for our group of companies.

Not only is the name Bodtker [bod-ker] synonymous with trust, pride and respect to those familiar with the founders of the company, their vision, values and ethics; but the name itself is old European for a 'maker and repairer of vessels such as barrels, drums, buckets and other containers'. 

With entrepreneurial determination and personal integrity, founders Nils and Sylvia Bodtker believed that they could grow a successful company by developing and sourcing great products within an empowering work environment.  And they did.  By encouraging everyone to be their best -- and delivering their best -- every day, the Bodtker Group of Companies has grown into the largest industrial container and consumer packaging supplier in Canada.

As the moniker for the home of Great People, Great Products, Great Service - calling our company the 'Bodtker Group' was simply Kismet.


The Bodtker Quilt

When Nils Bodtker, CEO and founder of the Bodtker Group got his first glimpse of the Suttles & Seawinds “Canada Map” quilt over two decades ago, it quickly became the inspiration for his business vision. What has now come to be known as “The Bodtker Quilt” seemed to epitomize the way Nils saw his business; a beautiful piece of art reminding us of our unified connection across the country.

There are handmade Bodtker quilts in each of our locations. Click here for more information on our quilt.