Purpose Statement

To positively impact our world through people and innovation.

Brand Promise

Great People, Great Products, Great Service.

Core Values

Awesome Relationships
Continuous Improvement
Exceptional Service
Succeed Together, Safely


From a modest beginning in 1979, our founder, Nils Bodtker used his innate entrepreneurial spirit to develop and grow what has become the privately owned organization called The Bodkter Group of Companies Ltd. Originally based in a single location in Calgary, the company has evolved and grown.

It has been said that entrepreneurial spirit is based on five distinct characteristics:

  1. Owners are in-tune with their passion
  2. They question how things can be done better
  3. They are optimistic about all possibilities
  4. They take calculated risks
  5. Finally, they execute

That spirit was within Nils Bodtker when he began the company over 35 years ago. Nils Bodtker is now acting Chairman and recently retired from day to day operations. His passion and entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to our people and companies within the group.